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We Offer Over 14,000 Cinema Projection and Pro Audio Items Online!

New and used equipment from over 50 different manufacturers at the lowest prices in the Industry!

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Are You Ready for 3D?  Dolby 3D is NOW being offered by RSEM!
RSEM.  Your DIGITAL SOURCE...Dolby, Barco, NEC, Doremi, RealD & More!
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SPECIAL!!!  We have two Factory Refurbished JS-280S Processors in Stock! 
PLUS...  We have ONE Dolby DA20 and four DTS-6D units!
Try an RSTR-2000 for Cyan,
and go digital with the DSTR!
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Long Life LED's, affordable, and easy to install!
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your movie experience ALIVE!

QSC's Digital Cinema Amps - Low Prices

Middle Atlantic WRK Rack
Do you need Racks?
We have racking equipment 
from Middle Atlantic & BGW!
Wall & Floor Racks,  Panels, Rail Kits, Security 
Covers, Custom Accessories, Doors, Trays, 
Shelves, Drawers, Vents, Casters & MORE! 

QSC Amplifiers

DCA 1222: 2 CH, 600W @ 1.6W
DCA 1622: 2 CH, 350W @ 8.0W
DCA 1644: 4 CH, 250W @ 8.0W
DCA 1824: 4 CH, 170W @ 8.0W
DCA 2422: 2 CH, 475W @ 8.0W
DCA 3022: 2 CH, 625W @ 8.0W
DCA 3422: 2 CH, 800W @ 8.0W

ISA Series Contractor Amps - Email for quotes

 E.V. Variplex Systems ROCK!




Variplex II 
Active 3-Way System

Variplex M 

Passive/Active 3-Way

E.V. Variplex Sound Systems

QSC ISA Series Amplifiers

Quality You Can Trust.  QSC!
Power Down to 2 Ohms...

ISA 280: 2 CH, 185W @ 8.0W
ISA 450: 2 CH, 260W @ 8.0W
ISA 750: 2 CH, 450W @ 8.0W

"T" Versions have 25/70/100 volt
Outputs for distributed audio!

ISA 300T: 2 CH, 300W @ 70/100V
ISA 500T: 2 CH, 500W @ 70/100V
ISA 800T: 2 CH, 800W @ 70/100V

XD20                  PSA                  BARLED                  JSD-80-L

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2/5/2010  RSEM Completes Digital 3D installs at Hershey's!

12/23/09  RSEM Completes EIGHT 3D installations.
Robert Schultz of RSEM installed Barco projectors with Dolby Digital 3D
throughout 2009 to bring together a total of EIGHT systems installed by year end.
Theatres with these systems are seeing a great response from customers and are able to end
their 2009 season with the opening of Avatar in 3D!  Theatres with the 3D technology
installed for the Christmas season are expected to take home the lions share of the grosses.
After the opening weekend of Avatar 3D, Robert Schultz spoke with a number of theatre
owners and found that 3D is continuing to be in high demanded by movie goers all around. 

10/29/09  RSEM Completes 10 Screen Theatre in Airway Heights, WA
RSEM completes 10 screens in Airway Heights, WA.  The installation included the
best of the industry from Electro-Voice, QSC Audio, Dolby, Ultra Stereo, Strong,
Simplex, Barco, Schneider Lenses, Kelmar Systems, and more.  The completion of this
theatre gives moviegoers in Airway Heights a State of the Art facility with Digital Sound
and Digital Picture by using Barco projection systems to project the cleanest picture
and highest quality digital sound; powered by Dolby Servers.  The theatre also provides
customers with stadium seating, a coffee bar in the lobby, pre-show entertainment and
trailers on plasma screens as you enter, online ticketing, a party room, and MORE!

3/25/2009  RSEM Completes Digital 3D install for Dolby.
Robert Schultz of RSEM installed a Barco DP-3000 and complete Dolby Digital 3D
into Village Centre Cinemas in Spokane, WA.  The installation is one of a kind in the
area giving Spokane the best 3D experience possible for the opening of Monsters in 3D!
The installation of Dolby 3D was a huge success for the theatre and the beginning of
a long string of Dolby Digital 3D systems to be installed throughout the spring of 2009.
RSEM expects the combination of Barco projection systems and Dolby 3D to continue
to be the best solution for cinemas across the country as 3D product becomes mainstream.

3/1/2007  RSEM moves to new facility in Tehachapi, CA
R.S. Engineering has a new location for the main office.   Our new address is
20617 Santa Lucia St.  Suite G, Tehachapi, CA 93561.  RSEM will continue to have
both addresses for a few months and will eventually transition all of it's business to the new
address.  The new location will bring many advancements to the RSEM core business model.
A new phone system will be put in place for emergency service and internet business sales will
all be fulfilled from a single inventory location.  RSEM will also hire a business manager at the
new location to take charge of order fulfillment, inventory, A/P and AR.  The new location
will help streamline the business and increase customer service levels.  "We can only thank our
customers for all the support in the past and the continued business to allow us to grow!"

8/4/2006 RSEM Completes 14 Screen Theatre in Spokane, WA.
ANOTHER...State of the Art theatre is completed by RSEM.  The Spokane, WA location is
absolutely gorgeous.  We brought in the best from Electro-Voice, QSC, DTS, and
Ultra Stereo to put together a complex that sounds fabulous.  Then we came in with the
best we could buy from Strong/Ballantyne, Schneider, Isco, and Kelmar Systems to put together
a stunning 35 mm picture and an overall presentation to be proud of.  The quality of this 
theatre competes with some of the best in the country.  The 14 screen is the largest
RSEM project to date.  RSEM also provided High Definition pre-show digital projection
systems using the latest in technology to send HDMI signals 296 ft.  Complete automation
and networking of the equipment makes operations run smooth while the 60 inch
plasmas in the lobby area put on the final touch that shows customers attention to
detail from the time they walk in the door to the moment the last credit rolls.

4/1/06  RSEM Completes 10 Screen Theatre in Hollister, CA.
State of the art theatre opens in Hollister, CA.  This theatre boasts a pair of 42 foot wide screens,
stadium seating with rocker chairs, DTS Digital Sound, Dolby Digital Sound, a digital preshow
projection systems, and enough amplifiers and speakers to bring down the building.
If you want to see a new movie in a quality theatre then this is the place to be.
This theatre's quality rivals the competition from miles around!

6/8/05 RSEM Installs DTS Digital Sound and a new FM Transmitter
system to the historic Sunset Drive-In in San Luis Obispo, CA.
"It sounds amazing!"  This is the response we had,  and this is what moviegoers
who frequent the Sunset say about this new system.  RSEM has added Digital Sound
to this Drive-In by way of mixing the 6 discreet digital channels from a DTS system
into two Stereo Channels and transmitting this over the FM Transmitter.  The new
system is definitely unique.  RSEM has had the system for over two years, but this is
the first time it was put out for use in a public environment.  Robert Schultz of RSEM,
who designed and installed the system says, "This installation is definitely the first of its
kind on the Central Coast and quite possibly for California.  Drive-In enthusiasts on the
Central Coast now have the best sound quality that we can offer in cinemas.  The
separation of the left and right  channels makes effects fly across your car and the clarity
gives you the same feeling of being in a quality indoor theatre.  For those people with
subwoofers in their can now come to the Drive-In and really ROCK!"

5/13/05 RSEM Improves FM Transmitter system for historic
Hi-Way Drive-In in Santa Maria, CA.
RSEM installed the system a few years back, but now this Drive-In system Rocks
better then ever!  This FM system with a complete compressor, limiter, a JS-200 Film
Processor, a low loss cable, and a custom antenna now lets movie viewers use their
car stereos to their fullest potential!  This Drive-In also has almost 500 field speakers
driven by a QSC amp at 140 volts!

5/6/05 RSEM Completes 6 Screen Remodel in Imperial, CA

4/1/05  RSEM Completes 4 Screen Addition in Imperial, CA
State of the art theatre addition in Imperial, CA.  RSEM finishes the job with
Strong's Apogee projectors, HLIIA Consoles, Dolby Digital sound, QSC amps, and
custom speakers designed by Monte Wise of EVI Audio & Robert Schultz of RSEM!

12/10/04  RSEM Completes 12 Screen Theatre In Idaho!

State of the art theatre opens in Lewiston Idaho.  RSEM finishes the job with
Strong projection equipment, DTS digital sound, QSC amps, & EVI Audio speakers. 
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